5 Tips On Dating For Seniors

5 Tips On Dating For Seniors

Dating for seniors can be intimidating, especially if you haven't dated anyone since you met your partner decades ago. Or maybe you were never in a couple, focusing on other life goals and your career instead, but now you're ready to get out there and find love or companionship.

There's no need to let dating insecurities keep you from meeting someone new, though. With a little attention to what you want and enjoy, making new connections is easier than you think.

Read on for five tips on dating for seniors so you can get out there and meet someone new.

1. Meet People Through Activities You Enjoy

One of the best ways to meet someone who shares your interests is to participate in activities you already enjoy or want to learn more about. For example, if you enjoy walking, join a walking group. If you love movies, join a film club posted on a social networking site like Meetup or a theater website. Start volunteering for a cause you're passionate about. If you enjoy going to church, stick around for fellowship after services or join a class that piques your interest.

Even if meeting someone to date is on your mind, that shouldn't be the only reason you begin these new activities. Your main motives should be to enjoy yourself, meet new people (including new friends) and enrich your life. When you're engaged in something you care about, you'll be happier and more attractive and interesting to others.

2. Let Friends and Family Know You're Ready To Date

Want to date someone who comes with a good reference? Put the word out among family and friends that you're interested in dating and enjoying the companionship of another person. There's a good chance that many people you're connected with know someone who is single and ready to meet someone new. If someone tells you about a person who sounds like someone you might like, take a chance and meet them. If nothing else, you could make a new friend, and that also counts for a lot.

3. Sign Up On a Dating Site

There are many people looking to meet others on dating sites with an emphasis on dating for seniors, such as eHarmony, SilverSingles or Senior Friend Finder. And plenty of people have met companions on dating sites that they enjoyed dating and even eventually married.

Keep in mind that with dating sites, you don't know the person well, even if you've chatted extensively online. Go slowly, and be aware that there are dating scammers out there after things like your money and personal information, which they can use to steal your identity.

Don't reveal too much about yourself to someone you meet on a dating site. Never give your birthday, Social Security number or money to anyone you meet online. Take your time, and watch for any red flags. When you feel comfortable, set up a meeting in a public place and go from there.

4. Meet in a Public Place

If you connect with someone you'd like to get to know better and possibly date, meet for the first time in a casual public setting such as a coffee shop. Meeting in public does more than just ensure your safety when meeting someone you don't know. A public meeting can also create less pressure. If you don't enjoy the person when you meet, you can easily excuse yourself after a short time and both go on your way without losing more than a few dollars and less than an hour of your time.

5. Don't Give Up Your Independence

If you meet someone you really like, don't rush in, ready to change your entire life right away. Just have a good time and enjoy getting to know the person while maintaining your independence. If things get serious later, that's the time to decide if you're both willing or need to make small compromises for your relationship.

Don't let worries about dating keep you from meeting new people who could enrich your life with their care, kindness and life experience. Sign up for a class, volunteer or browse a dating site, and get started on finding the right person to date while enjoying your life.

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