Embracing Gray Hair, No Matter Your Age

Embracing Gray Hair, No Matter Your Age

Getting older is inevitable, along with all of its physical and mental changes — and for many of us, that includes graying hair.

But you don't have to conceal your silver tresses. In fact, embracing gray hair has become a style trend for people of all ages and genders.

Wondering whether you should lean into the gray? Here are a few reasons to consider it.

1. Avoid Damage From Hair Color

Whether you're booking regular visits to the salon or reaching for a box of dye from the pharmacy, there's no getting around it: Hair color damages and weakens hair.

This can become problematic in older age, when hair naturally begins to thin and the rate of hair growth slows down. Plus, some of the ingredients in hair dyes can potentially cause scalp irritation and other health issues — even if the product is marketed as "natural" or "organic."

By going gray, you can steer clear of dyes and harsh chemicals and protect the hair on your head.

2. Save Money and Time

Regular hair coloring requires a major commitment of time and money. Root touchups at the salon every few weeks can cost upwards of $100 per visit. Applying color at home may be more affordable, but it can also be more time-consuming and messier — especially after accounting for time spent scrubbing dye stains from the bathtub!

Foregoing hair color and embracing gray hair can have a positive impact on your budget. By skipping the standing salon appointment and hair color maintenance, you may find more free time to enjoy other hobbies and activities.

3. Feel Confident in a New Season of Life

In a culture that prioritizes youth, the social pressure to conceal gray hair can feel overwhelming. But many men and women are deciding to let nature run its course when it comes to their hair, including celebrities who sport their silver manes with pride.

Letting go of the effort to conceal gray hair can feel liberating, and embracing natural grays can feel empowering as you start to work with nature instead of against it.

Embracing Gray Hair, One Step at a Time

If you're ready to commit to going gray, rest assured: You don't have to do it overnight. There are ways to ease into the process.

For many people, embracing gray hair is a journey. Start slowly by backing off your regular color appointments, blending natural gray with subtle highlights or silver dye, or finding new ways to wear your hair during the transition so that you feel comfortable and confident.

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